My Story

Hello guys, my name is Gianna and i am Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher.

I am Belarusian with Italian passport and have been living in Dubai since 2004. When i came here, I started working in real estate and had a successful career in this field. Then In 2010 I had an opportunity to start my own business and I opened an exhibition stand design and built company, ESD-Exhibition Stand Dubai.

I attended my first yoga class in 2009, and I still remember that Indian yogi who was so flexible, it seemed he didn’t have any bones!!! And it changed my life! I immediately was into yoga and I have been practicing it ever since.


I got married with my husband and became a mother of two beautiful kids.There is 14 months age difference between them so first 3 years of motherhood were quite tough for me. Like many other women, i was very tired after 2 pregnancies, i felt exhausted, slept a little and my weight increased.

I was keeping a smile on my face but sometimes I wanted to cry…

Practicing yoga was giving me energy i needed so much and it was calming my buzzing mind.

Then I had a bad ankle injury, and could not exercise for a few long months. I was so devastated and was asking why it happened to me!

I couldn’t practice asanas so I started practicing pranayama and meditation every day and it made me feel more relaxed, balanced and in harmony with myself and the others.

My ankle was getting better, I started practicing yogasana more and more, doing what i could at specific time, and after some time I became Hatha And Yin Yoga Teacher.

Then Sound came to my life and literally blew me away! Deep sounds and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls were so relaxing and calming, they were bringing me back to my core essence, to my True Self. I felt healing effect of them on myself and wanted to spread and share this knowledge with other people.

I became a Sound Healing Specialist, and I am very passionate about it as i see how quickly and deeply sound relaxes people and how it can help healing some health conditions.

By the way, sound and vibrations help me to mange pain in my ankle! Whenever i feel the need, i always help myself with singing bowls and tuning forks.

Sound is future medicine!

Gianna Gabriel
Yoga Sound Specialist